Our Plan

Dear Devotees,

We want to share with you the new exciting changes happening in New Braj. Srila Gurudeva has expressed how dear this place is to him.

What is now known as Chandrasekhara Bhavan, which is a very dear place to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, had at one time been taken over by the Muslims and they had turned it in to a graveyard. Our Param Gurudeva, Srila Bhakti Prajnan Keshava Gosvami Maharaj, went in the middle of the night and completely transformed it. He removed all the gravestones and planted many big and small mango trees, bamboo and jackfruit. The next day the Muslims where very angry and went to complain to the district magistrate. The district magistrate came, saw that garden and said, “In one night, how can such a big garden have become manifest? No, this place has been here for a long time.” And he threw out the Muslim’s complaint.

For the past few years the risk of the property in New Braj being sold has been looming over our heads.  There hasn’t been enough money to maintain it. Just think what a tragedy it would be for our beloved Srila Gurudeva’s property, where he performed deep bhajan, gave sweet harikatha, and captured so many hearts, in the hands of non- devotees. Srila Gurudeva, himself paid the down payment on this property. He has mercifully given us this Holy Tirtha here in the west.

Recently a team has come together to assume responsibility that Srila Gurudeva’s beloved property remains with in our sanga. In order to do this we have signed a lease-to-own contract, $375,000 dollars remain on the loan note. We have started a New Braj 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. This registers us as a religions institution or a church so even when we die it will still be here for generations to come. We have a board of advisors and a property residence board.  Sri Sri Radha Govinda are being nicely worshiped and Srila Gurudeva’s bhajan kutir (room) is being preserved as it is when he is there.

Our goal is to make this project monetarily self-sufficient. Our plan is to do this by hosting festivals, retreats, seminars, summer camps etc… So the first step to achieving this is creating more facilities such as cabins, yurts and permanent bathrooms as well as a commercial kitchen. Please help support this project by giving a donation. If everyone helps a little, so much will be accomplished.

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