Invitation to the Appearance day of Lord Ramachandra


Please join us Saturday March 28th, 2015 in New Braj to celebrate the wonderful and amazing pastimes of Lord Sri Ramachandra on Rama-Navami, His Divine Appearance Day. Come and hear about the sweet and tragic adventures of Lord Rama, along with His divine eternal consort Sita Devi, and His powerful brothers headed by Sri Laksman. Together we we will relish how Lord Rama is joined by His faithful servant Hanuman and the army of Vanara monkey warriors as they battle against the forces of evil commanded by the 10 headed Raksasa demon, King Ravana. 

Please feel free to bring fruits,flowers, feast offerings (Ekadasi preps only) and other gifts to please The Lord on this special occasion. 

Be sure to study up on Lord Rama’s pastimes as there will be a fun quiz with prizes. 


Saturday, March 28th 

3:30 pm Bhajans
5:00 pm Class and Quiz
6:30 pm Abiseka 
7:00 pm Arati
7:30 pm Maha Prasadam

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