Meditations on Srimad Bhagavatam Ch. 12 – In which Dhruva Maharaja attains the Pole Star

There are some amazing places in Bhagavatam that overlap with material knowledge…not too many places as Krsna keeps himself hidden to  the unbelievers…but one of those places is in this last chapter of the Dhruva story where he attains the pole star.

The pole star is also called Polaris or the North Star.  You can find it by locating the Big Dipper and aligning the top, right hand star of the Big Dipper with the handle of the Little Dipper.Sailors could navigate to this star because it stays fixed in the north.My father taught me to find the North Star when I was very young – in case I ever got lost…my Gurus taught me to take shelter of Srimad Bhagavatam  – so that I would never be lost.In this last chapter of the Dhruva story there are many blessings to those who read it.

Here are some:

For persons desiring
long life,
pious credits,
good fortune,
great position in heaven,
by hearing
with faith the praiseworthy activities of Dhruva,
dear to the Lord,
which allow one to attain Dhruvaloka,
and which are suitable even for the devatas
and destroy all sins,
bhakti to the Lord,
which destroys all miseries, developes.
SB 4/12/45-46
…ps there’s more but you have to read it!
Written by Gopanandini devi dasi


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