Meeting Minutes January 19th-20th, 2014

New Braj, Inc. Board

&  New Braj, Inc. Financial Oversight Committee

Meeting Minutes 

 January 19, 2014 11am-5pm PST

Location: Iksvaku dasa’s house, Mill Valley, CA USA

 January 20, 2014   4pm-6pm PST

Location: US Capital Partners, LLC 555 Montgomery St. Suite 1501 San Francisco, CA USA


 New Braj, Inc. Board – Nityananda dasa (Nityananda Jones), Vrindaban dasa (Vrindaban Misri), and Uddhava dasa (Upanishad Schauffler)

 New Braj, Inc. Financial Oversight Committee – Vishwambhara dasa (Charles V. Towle) and Iksvaku dasa (Iksvaku Spencer)

All Board members waived notice.

Festival Review

Discussions about the theme for the upcoming 2014 New Braj Harikatha Festival. Further discussion about communications to the public and prospective speakers.

Discussion about keeping the vision of New Braj as the center of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaj’s (Srila Gurudeva’s) movement in the western world. It should represent the ideal example of Vaishnava culture and etiquette, in the mood of Srila Gurudeva and His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.

RESOLVED unanimously, the 2014 New Braj Harikatha Festival will be a celebration of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaj Srila Gurudeva. His specialties will be discussed within the context of different tattvas, with Srila Gurudeva in the center. Everyone is welcomed to celebrate Srila Gurudeva. Reinforcing this theme, His personal residence will be accessible to the public during scheduled “dharshan” times. Srila Gurudeva’s Harikatha will be broadcasted in his room via TV during these times. In addition, there will be daily gurupuja of Srila Gurudeva at His Puspa Samadhi.

It was DETERMINED that there will be 2 letters drafted and sent.

  1. Public: send letter by March 15th, announcing the events, theme, and an invitation to everyone.
  2. Speakers: send letter by February 1st, requesting response by February 15th. The letter will be an invitation to speak and to kindly submit topics that they are inspired to speak on. We reiterate that the speakers can help establish the tone of the festival so that there will not be politics or criticism. .

The festival theme and tattvas will be decided based upon feedback from our broad board of advisors.

The Board recommended Vrindaban dasa will be point of contact for the outgoing invitation letters to speakers and continued correspondence with them.

New Braj Board review

  1. Nityananda dasa is CEO and COO; he sets strategic tone and oversees all operations of New Braj.
  2. Uddhava dasa is CFO, secretary, and Chief Compliance Officer, who manages the administration and movement of assets, maintains records, legal and editorial standards, and public relations.
  3. Vrindaban dasa is President, public ambassador who oversees international communications.

Immigration Policy

RESOLVED unanimously, the immigration policy is for any visa and/or green card sponsorships. To be considered the candidates must be dedicated to New Braj primarily. It is required that the Board secure a simple majority of votes in order to approve a Visa candidate and/or any other immigration candidate.

The Board ASKED and APPOINTED Vishwambhara dasa to follow up on Visa research, based upon his extensive experience.

New Braj Financial Oversight Committee

RESOLVED unanimously, the New Braj, Inc Board formally establishes the Financial Oversight Committee consisting of financial/accounting/banking professionals with credentials and licenses to advise and recommend (publicly and privately) the management/administration of New Braj, Inc.’s assets and liabilities over $3,000 which are not budgeted. The Financial Oversight Committee will consist of Vishwambhara dasa (Charles V. Towle, Director of US Capital and Managing Director of Towle Family Investments) and Iksvaku dasa  (Iksvaku dasa Spencer SVP of US Capital and CEO of Ocean Travelers).

Puspa Samadhi Update

The Samadhi budget is $50,000. Approximately $23,000 has been collected, with $6,000 spent to date and balance of $17,000 in the bank, while $13,000 had been pledged but uncollected.

RESOLVED unanimously, the Samadhi fund requires collections to be completed and the balance of $14,000 to be fundraised. Also the artist rendering which was completed by Gundica didi will be used as a template for building the Samadhi and to secure quotes to substantiate the budget set.


RESOLVED unanimously, New Braj, Inc will utilize any loans provided for infrastructure projects that are conservative and can be used as a platform for many small projects to be setup. First project will be the fulfillment center/warehouse for book distribution. New Braj will secure an agreement with GVP, Inc for basing all of Srila Gurudeva’s books in the West at New Braj. It was agreed that donations and general fundraising are to continue to supplement and further leverage any loans New Braj is able to secure.

New Trust for property

It was highly recommended that the mandir property (New Braj, Inc headquarters) be moved to a Religious Charitable Trust such as Sri Sri Radha (an existing entity), refinancing of the Bhakti Projects, Inc. mortgage to be completed by March 1, 2014, and the Board of Sri Sri Radha be broadened. This will ensure that the property will remain autonomous, can never be sold, have broad representation, and that the established etiquettes and principals are preserved.

Discussions between Vishwambhara dasa, Iksvaku dasa, Nityananda dasa, Vrindaban dasa, and Uddhava dasa will continue to execute this properly


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New Braj Board and New Braj Financial Meeting Minutes

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