Above the Clouds Blog, Friday April 8th 2011




haribol! here we are at Govardhana, New Braj. and you can tell we’ve had some snow. spring+winter=SPRINTER!  it’s a painful birthing. mother nature labors to bring forth SPRING.

you know SPRING is very close when a certain gardener returns from his island paradise:

that’s right! Kamala’s back!

and Nityananda too. can you see in this picture that it’s snowing?  it was snowing with the sun out! now that doesn’t happen very often! sun-flurries! the demigods are playing!

this morning i was doing parikrama of Govardhana (hope that’s ok, nanda gopala), and even surrounded by a fairyland of snow, my mind was absorbed in remembering Srila Gurudeva and all the devotees chanting and dancing on Anakuta day.  and suddenly i felt very blessed.  to reside in such a place, above the anxiety and stress of the world, away from news reports and reminders of war. the great kirtan that Srila Gurudeva orchestrated and performed here for 15 years continues and it will not be halted…here above the clouds: New Braj!

ys, gopanandini dasi


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