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Her Grace: DASI and Some Stuff About the Swimming Pool

This is her holiness Dasi devi dasi. If you see the indignation in her eyes, she’s saying, “Hey! i thought we were going for a walk. don’t point that phone at me!”


Dasi is the door keeper here in New Braja.  She keeps all wild animals out:  bear, mountain lions, bob-cats, wild dogs, coyotes, rattle snakes, wild pig, birds, squirrels, butterflies, strangers, you name it.

She has the night shift so she sleeps in a bit in the morning but is never too tired for a walk. Nirguna prabhu says she has a loud and ferocious bark but she wouldn’t hurt a flea. I don’t know about that i’ve never seen a flea on her!

But this precious big girl has never missed a NB festival in her life and has received many heartly blessings from Srila Gurudeva.

She’s a very strict vegetarian except for the random UPS man. Her hobbies include hiking, wrestling, chasing cars and doggy paddling in Dry Creek on a cold winter’s day. Devakinanadana P. says she’s part polar bear. Anyway we love her. She has a wonderful service attitude!


…So there’s this unusual thing about the swimming pool in the winter. As the rains and snows come the water level rises and rises. And there’s this point where you have to drain the pool by attaching a pipe to the fountain and turning the pump on and aiming the pipe away from the pool and it will drain to the right level in about 1/2 hours. If the water gets high enough to seep between the pool and the cement border its very bad for the pool… so i was thinking the pool reminds me of our resident quiet sadhu, (PKprabhu). He’s been hearing from Srila Gurudeva for about 34 years and of course rendering so much service. The rains of mercy have saturated his heart to such an extent that hari katha can’t help but  flow out of him. And at the rate of 300 gallons a minute every evening after aroti!  Watch out!   Flood warnings in New Braj!


Posting from above the clouds at New Braj Dhama.

ys, Gopanandini dasi 

PS:  here’s a grumpy peacock with frozen tail feathers:


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